Fine Art Print by K.E. Pack "Hearing Ghosts from the Past"
Fine Art Print by K.E. Pack "Hearing Ghosts from the Past"
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ON SALE! Check out the beautiful art print, signed by the artist, now on sale!


Kevin Pack was selected as the “Wildlife Artist of the Year” for 2013. After a lifetime of hunting, fishing and years spent photographing wildlife, Kevin has a significant understanding of his subjects, which he translates into his artwork.


Mr. Pack has worked with multiple groups, including California Ducks Unlimited, Billfish Foundation, and the National Wild Turkey Federation, in his support of their ongoing conservation efforts. Additionally, Kevin’s artwork was commissioned by the State of California for their 100th Anniversary Commemorative Hunting License.


“Hearing Ghosts of the Past” depicts a mule deer just outside of an old rock homestead, where he is overlooking his harem. You can read more about Kevin Pack’s story at, as well as view his other artwork.


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