CRPA Book Bundle
CRPA Book Bundle
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California Gun Laws a Guide to State and Federal Firearms Regulations is a compilation of California's gun laws spelled out in plain English. Written by Second Amendment attorney, Chuck Michel, California Gun Laws is the must have reference for all responsible California gun owners. The new 5th edition has been updated with the latest regulations pertaining to ammunition and "assault weapons" set to take effect in 2018. Given the compexity of California gun laws, this book is an invaluable resource for any firearms owner; California Gun Laws allows the average reader to understand and navigate the state's many regulations and ordinances regarding firearms.


I'm From The Government and I'm Here to Kill You documents how the misinterpretation of the law has allowed the government and its agents to literally get away with murder. Through a series of case studies, former federal attorney David Hardy lays out a chilling casse against the gross incompetence and neglect perpetrated by our government against innocent civilians.


Shall Not be Infringed tells the story of the American gun control debate and reveals how the anti-gun opposition uses studies and numbers to confuse the public. Keen and Mason's evaluation of crime, politics, and problematic anti-gun proposals make Shall Not be Infringed an essential read. 

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