CA Gun Laws 7th Edition

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The 2020 7th Edition Is Coming!

How will changes in California's firearm laws affect you?

To find out, pre-order the latest edition of California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations

The 2020 7th Edition is written in plain English, now has an index, explains new court rulings, has improved explanations of legal requirements, and covers all the new 2020 gun laws, including:

  • The nearly two dozen new gun-related bills introduced in the 2019 legislative session
  • DOJ's new regulations changing how ammunition is purchased and transferred, as well as the litigation challenging these laws
  • DOJ's regulations pertaining to REAL IDs and how they affect your ability to acquire firearms and ammunition
  • DOJ's new "assault weapon" regulations and how they affect the legal definitions for "assault weapons"
  • What to expect as a result of the new updates affecting AFS records, the CFARS system, and the COE application process;
  • When and where you can have a gun
  • Which guns are banned
  • Who can possess a gun
  • And much more


Many people unintentionally violate California's gun laws because the rules are so complicated and burdensome. The California Gun Laws book arms you with clear explanations of the law so that you can protect your 2nd Amendment rights and avoid becoming an accidental criminal. With more than 100 pages updated from the 6th Edition, the 7th Edition is an invaluable resource for responsible gun owners throughout California.

We wish this book was unnecessary and wish it did not need to be updated annually. Blame California politicians for that. Considering all the legal work that goes into producing this book, please understand that this book is a non-profit endeavor for us. Thank you for your support.


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